Take Action This September

Donate Financially

Richard_VanSupport food bank programs that help reduce food waste and redistribute that food to families in need. Each morning, a small team of volunteers ventures out into the community to rescue food from local grocery and restaurant partners. That food is then brought back to the food bank warehouse to be inspected, sorted, and packed up for distributions or for partner agencies to pick up. The distribution team loads up that food and takes it off-site to be loaded into vehicles of families in need. Your financial support helps us to transport and safely store this food.

Contribute to ending hunger-related illnesses through nutrition education. While we have had to halt our nutrition education classes during the pandemic, we are working on ways to continue this program in a safe way. We hope to one day soon be able to get back into classrooms to teach children, seniors, and families about eating healthy, shopping on a budget, and cooking low-cost and nutritious meals. Your support will help purchase supplies, provide transportation, and allow us to staff a qualified nutrition expert.

Provide monthly support to keep food bank operations running smoothly. It takes a lot to run a food bank, and your financial support helps our small staff to operate at full capacity. Become a Hunger Hero and pledge an amount to give each month. Whether it be $10 or more; every donation helps.

Click to donate.

Give Food

Clean out your pantry of unneeded or unwanted items. Did you purchase a ton of canned peaches and no longer have the desire to eat them? Are you sick of eating ravioli but you have loads of it in the back of your pantry? Donate that excess and our clients can reap the rewards! We will accept expired food, as long as it is in good condition and not expired before 2017. We follow USDA safety guidelines to determine if an expired food is safe to distribute. Please do not donate any opened items.

Cans-Tomato_Beans_SoupBuy one and give one at your local grocery store. Whether you are scheduling curbside or braving the elements to go shopping in your local grocery store, you can always purchase a little excess to give back to people in need. When buying pantry staples for your family, but a little extra. For example, purchase 5-1lb. bags of rice instead of just 2, or 5 cans of tuna instead of 3. Save up for a month and then donate that extra at the end of the month.

Purchase food from the food bank’s Amazon wish list and get food sent directly to our warehouse. You don’t even have to get dressed for this action. Click to visit our Amazon wish list, choose what you would like to donate, and then buy and it gets sent right to our warehouse.

Click to see our most needed foods.  

Host a Low-Contact Food Drive

Grande_Food_DriveCoordinate with your neighborhood and be a drop-off site. If you’re not comfortable with posting your address, see if you can make the neighborhood pool or amenity center a drop-off. Create a Facebook event page so people know what you are doing and share it in your neighborhood’s Facebook group. You can also offer to pick up donations if people want to leave shelf-stable items in a bag on their porch. This is a great way for kids that can drive to get involved too. Pick a date, promote it, and see how much food you can collect!

Encourage your coworkers to participate in an office drive. Set up a box in your office. Keep it available for a month. Promote within your business and let your coworkers donate when and what they can.

Stage a mobile food drive at your business, like Grande did. (Note: This is a past event to give an example.) This is great if you have a large parking lot. Set up a time and date to hold your mobile drive. Decide if you want it to be open to everyone, or just your business and neighbors. Staff the drop-off point with a couple of people in masks so they can receive food. You can also leave a bin outside for people to drop off if they are unable to make the times you set.

Click to register your food drive.

Commit to Volunteer

Dawn,Matt,HannahVolunteers are vital to our success. They help us drive our vans, rescue food, inspect and sort through food, and hand out that food. 

Food Rescue Team

Monday – Friday   |   8:00AM – 11:00AM

Join our food rescue team and help us gather food from around the community. This team consists of a driver and at least one assistant, and you will visit local restaurants and grocery partners to pick up their excess food. Volunteers must be able to lift up to 50 pounds.

Warehouse Team

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday   |   9:00AM – 1:00PM

Tuesday and Thursday   |   11:00AM – 2:00PM

Jour our warehouse team and help inspect and sort through donated food. Volunteers will also assist in cleaning and disinfecting our warehouse and processing area to keep food and people safe. Volunteers must be able to lift up to 50 pounds.

Distribution Team

Tuesday and Thursday   |   11:30AM – 1:00PM

Wednesday   |   4:00PM – 5:30PM

Join our distribution team and help us get food to families in need. Volunteers will assist with intake and help load vehicles with pre-bagged food. Volunteers must be able to lift up to 50 pounds.

Home Delivery Team

Wednesday   |   10:00AM – 1:00PM

Join our home delivery team and help get food to seniors who are unable to leave their homes. Volunteers must use their own vehicle and be able to lift up to 50 pounds.

Click to volunteer.


Follow the food bank on social media. We post about current needs, as well as interesting information pertaining to food insecurity. Use your own social media to share that information. If you see an interesting article, feel free to send it or tag the food bank. Use your social media for good.

Encourage your community to support ending food insecurity. Are you a member of a church congregation or a civic group? Do you gather with peers to discuss current events? Utilize that group to advocate on behalf of the food bank and those we serve in this community. You can always reach out to us if you would like more information about the food bank and food insecurity in this area. We are a small but mighty team, but we rely on our supporters to reach a larger audience.

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at @haysfoodbank.

Follow our Hunger Action Calendar

Hunger_Action_CalendarNeed more ideas to take action? Check out our Hunger Action 2020 Calendar. Everyday there is a new action you can get involved in. You can click the links and print it out to keep you motivated all month long.

Click to view, save, and print calendar.

About Hays County Food Bank

We are passionately committed to improving lives through food assistance programs, nutrition education, and advocacy.

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