‘Santa’ Replaces Laptops Stolen from Food Bank

As most of you know, Hays County Food Bank (HCFB) recently had a visit from a Grinch-y character. Laptops and other computer equipment that we use to run secure client and food distribution software was stolen. While this did not keep people in need from receiving food, it did slow down the process considerably. We had to use pen and paper, which leads to a higher risk of information being misplaced and/or lost in transit.

Although this was a trying event that left HCFB staff shaken, the outpouring of community support that followed touched our hearts. Immediately after sharing the theft on social media, warm wishes came flooding in. Individuals and businesses with big hearts offered their assistance and/or tagged people they thought could help. The response was overwhelming. Before the day was over, “Santa and Mrs. Claus” (anonymous donors) called in and offered to purchase new versions of the stolen equipment. By the next morning, the packages were delivered and ready to use.

It turns out that “Santa and Mrs. Claus” chose to give back because they once benefited from food bank services themselves. In 2013, Hays County witnessed a great flood. Our good Samaritan(s) required assistance with recovery and reached out for help. Hays County Food Bank responded and provided emergency food supplies to help them get through the natural disaster. Then, in 2015, two more floods happened and our good Samaritan(s) required help a second and third time. The food bank stepped in again, handing out emergency food to anyone affected by the floods in the area. “Santa and Mrs. Claus” did not have to think twice when they saw an opportunity to offer help to the organization that lent a hand during their time of need. They wanted to pay it forward, and Hays County Food Bank staff, volunteers, and clients are incredibly grateful for their generosity.

When we show love and compassion for others, the world becomes a better place. It is all too easy to ignore a negative situation, especially if it does not impact you personally. This is why it is especially striking when someone stands up and takes action. So, to the very kind and generous donors who replaced the food bank’s equipment – Thank you! You are a true hero in our eyes.


With gratitude,

Denise Blok
Hays County Food Bank CEO


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