Help End Hunger

File_000Help End Hunger in Hays County! HEB is currently helping food banks across Texas by offering customers a chance to donate when they shop. Each year they host the “Help End Hunger” donation campaign, where customers can choose to donate $1, $3, or $5 when they pay their bill. The money then goes to help the local nonprofit organization featured on the poster. All customers have to do is tear off one of the tabs and hand it to the cashier. It gets scanned and added to the bill. The process is very easy, and it’s a great way to help those less fortunate without breaking the bank. Perhaps you can even set aside an amount to give weekly during your grocery trips.

If you live in Texas, there’s a good chance you’ve shopped at an HEB before. HEB is one of the most visible grocery stores in the Lone Star State, and with more than 340 stores, there’s a good chance you have one in or near your hometown.

HEB has been a partner with the Hays County Food Bank, and with food bank’s all over the state, for many years. Food is rescued daily and picked up to be sorted and distributed to those in need in the area. Last year, local HEB stores donated 445,170 pounds of food, or 51.7% of the total 2015 food donations for the Hays County Food Bank! On behalf of those we serve, thank you HEB for helping to keep the food insecure fed in Hays County.

HEB Logo Red and Black“Help End Hunger” lasts from May 11-June 28, so be sure to stop by and donate. The Hays County Food Bank only gets donations from the San Marcos HEB stores, so if you want your donation to come here, make sure that the poster at the counter has our logo on it. We hope you will continue to help support your local neighbors in need while you shop. Every little bit helps!


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