Senior Citizens Day!


Today is a day when we recognize senior citizens for what they have accomplished in their communities around the nation. So many seniors have lived such exciting lives and are still going strong. Many use their retirement to give back and to help out their fellow man, rather than sit at home and watch the days go by. These are the seniors we wish to thank.
The baby boomers were born at a time when America was not so strong. They survived the stock market crash, two World Wars, Civil Rights riots, the space race, another two unpopular wars, hippie culture, the 80’s, terrorist attacks, and another two wars. They’ve truly lived, and we appreciate all they have done for society.

monument-519735_1280So what makes a senior citizen? When do you become one? The answer isn’t simple. Some folks claim senior citizenship at age 50, while others say they are still young until they reach 80. It really depends on the individual, though many benefits for seniors start at 65. Regardless of when people might identify themselves as seniors, the fact is that so many contribute theirspare time to better the world, despite the near century that they have lived.

Many senior citizens are prominent supporters of the Hays County Food Bank. They donate regularly, volunteer weekly, serve as Hays County Food Bank board members, and/or advocate on behalf of the hungry in Hays County. We would be unable to do the good we do without these passionate seniors. So to everyone out there who identifies as a senior and who supports us, we thank you. And if you pass a senior on the street and they look lonely, stop and chat for a bit. They just might wow you with one of their amazing true life stories. We read about history; they lived it.



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