‘Lend A Hand’ to Your Neighbors in Need

Historically at this time of year, shelves in food pantries and food banks all across the nation are at their lowest. There are fewer food and fund drives since school is out and families and individuals go on vacation. People also tend to think more about donations during Thanksgiving and Christmas and less about it during the rest of the year, unless there is a disaster such as the recent flooding.

Many donations have come in since Memorial Day Weekend, and your donation will keep the momentum going. We will continue to need our community’s support, because hunger knows no season. Now, more than ever, we need your help. Thousands of individuals and families were affected by the recent flooding, school children who qualify for free or reduced lunches (72% in SMCISD and 50% in Hays CISD) are out for the summer, and over 25,000 individuals are food insecure in our county. Please help us provide those in need with sufficient, nutritious food.

Our goal for this campaign is to raise $30,000 which will provide 150,000 meals for individuals and families in need. 100% of funds donated to the Lend A Hand campaign, will be used to help fulfill our mission of feeding hungry people in Hays County. So make your dollar go a little further and help out your neighbors in need.

In order to ensure your monetary donation counts toward the ‘Lend A Hand’ campaign, please do one of the following:

  • Make an online donation at https://donatenow.networkforgood.org/haysfoodbank and designate toward ‘Lend A Hand’
  • Write ‘Lend A Hand’ on the memo line of your check
  • Inform our staff or volunteers that you would like your donation to count toward ‘Lend A Hand,’ either by a donor intent letter or in person at our office

The campaign closes on July 31, 2015. If you’ve already made your contribution to our 2015 ‘Lend A Hand’ campaign, thank you!


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