Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Month


The Rescue Rangers

Rescue Rangers at Lilypad Farm

June not only marks the start of summer; it’s also National Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Month. This is a time to focus on nutrition and eating right, so of course we had to bring out the Hays County Food Bank Rescue Rangers.

Captain Carrot, the twins Grapeful Ned and Lady Grape, and Powerhouse Pea to the rescue! Wherever there is hunger and need, the Hays County Food Bank Rescue Rangers are sure to appear.

Despite their super (nutritious) powers, the Rescue Rangers can’t do it alone. It takes a community to help a community so we’d like to extend a special thanks to our partners who supply your local food bank with fresh fruits and veggies.

We pick up produce from HEB each morning, seven days a week. If you’d like to start your day by helping fight hunger we are always looking for volunteers to help pick up and transport the food. Contact Jim Wager at or (512) 392-8300 ext.222 for more information. We also have a new program called Adopt-A-Farm, where we harvest fresh produce from local farms. Contact Matt Barnes at or (915) 494-0545 if you would like to volunteer for an off-site adventure.

Our friends at HEB

Rescue Rangers with HEB Staff and Jane Moore (HCFB Community Relations Coordinator)

Thank you to HEB, AY Raam Farms, Lilypad Farms, Dunbar Neighborhood Garden, Alamo Neighborhood Garden, San Marcos Community Garden, CTMC Creation Garden, Sustainable San Marcos, the Tills family, and C & J Greenhouses for continually supplying your local food bank with fresh produce. Also, thank you to everyone else who has donated produce in the past and who will continue to do so in the future. We are hoping to soon form a partnership with Sustainacycle in Kyle, Texas as well to add to our fresh produce suppliers.

turkeyWhat’s coming up? We are already preparing for our annual Turkey’s Tackling Hunger Campaign. We will be collecting donations in order to give Thanksgiving meals to those in need. Though food donations are always appreciated, we will be focusing on monetary donations during that time as we will be purchasing the turkey and trimmings from HEB.

Thanks again. We here at Hays County Food Bank wouldn’t be able to provide help to those in need without you.

Collage of different gardens we visited

Clockwise starting at top left: Dr. Long at CTMC’s Creation Garden, Rescue Rangers at Lilypad Farm, Dunbar Neighborhood Garden, Staff at CTMC’s Creation Garden, Rescue Rangers at San Marcos Community Garden Food Bank Plot


-Zac Carlson (Hays County Food Bank Marketing Intern)


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