Hays County Food Bank Launches Adopt-a-Farm with AY Raam Farms

May is the final month before the epic heat that is Summer weather in Texas. However, it is also the ‘Gifts from the Garden Month’ nationally, and we would like to pay homage to a very important farm that gives our clients so much throughout the year. AY Raam Farms is a fairly new partnership that has formed with the Hays County Food Bank, and we see this as one of those friendships that will last for quite some time. They are our first in the Adopt-a-Farm initiative, and we do hope more farms will be joining in soon. To date, AY Raam Farms has given us nearly 100 pounds of fresh produce per week since the program started!

ImageI recently had the privilege of tagging along as this fantastic farm let some of our employees and volunteers harvest from their fields to provide for those we serve in Hays County. Let me take you along on this journey.

When we first arrive, after getting a little lost along the way, Farmer Seth immediately makes us feel welcome. Seth and his wife, Rachel, run the farm themselves. Rachel’s father, Aaron, is the brainchild behind the farm, but Seth and Rachel are so passionate about the project that they may become the new owners at some point. Farmer Seth informs us where we can start picking and our staff and volunteers go to work; of course only after saying hi to this beautiful paint horse.


AY Raam was started in 2007, and has been steadily growing. They have nearly 22 acres of farmland with two large garden plots as well as multiple types of animals. Want to buy an Australian Shepherd? Well you are in luck! These pups are AKC registered and sure to win your heart over! Just look at these faces. Can you really say no? Not up for that size of dog? Well what about a Yorkshire Terrier? These pups are also available to own.


So, you’re not so into dogs? Want to purchase some of the awesome vegetables that the farm produces? Though they may not be certified organic farmers, they do use sustainable methods and raise everything all natural. They use no chemical pesticides on their crops, and their veggies are some of the freshest tasting in the county. They have been one of our biggest contributors when it comes to fresh fruits and vegetables at the San Marcos Farmers Market, and we couldn’t be more thankful.


If you are looking for more than just fresh veggies (we get you carnivores :)), AY Raam can hook you up there as well! They sell fresh, grass-fed beef! This is the best type of beef. There are no additional additives that make your beef any less pure than when it was mooing just a little while ago. So, feel safe when you purchase pure, grass-fed beef from this farm, because you are getting a great cut. AY Raam also sells fresh chicken eggs if you want even more extra protein in your diet. These free-range chickens provide you with the most scrumptious fresh eggs you can imagine.

ImageFor more information on AY Raam Farms, please visit www.ayraamfarms.com.

Adopt-a-Farm is part of our Fresh Quest to provide fresh fruits and vegetables to our clients throughout Hays County. We “adopt a farm” by exchanging volunteer labor for local, fresh, organic produce. Volunteers who are interested will be able to join the food bank at one of our adopted farms with duties including harvesting, planting, and weeding.

Work on the farm may involve several hours of labor in the sun. Gardens are full of ants and bugs, so any volunteers with insect allergies are discouraged from joining.

If you are interested in being a part of this program and helping us continue to provide our clients with healthier food options, whether you be a farmer or a volunteer, please contact:


Volunteer Coordinator: Jim Wagner at jwagner@haysfoodbank.org

Nutritionist/Assistant Operations Manager: Kirby Rowton at operations@haysfoodbank.org

Weekend Crew Leader: Matt Barnes at bottlerocket07@gmail.com

ImageThank you for helping us in our goal to provide fresh fruits and vegetables to our Hays County Food Bank clients.


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