Spring Has Arrived in Texas!

Winter in Texas usually isn’t that harsh. We usually have a couple of cold days, sometimes some snow or ice, but usually nothing we Texans can’t handle. However, for whatever reason, this winter was just awful. Cold storms lasted until March, multiple ice storms shut down roads, freezing temperatures happened much more frequently than normal, and Cedar Fever was the absolute worst it has ever been. I can attest to the last one as I suffered royally from January to February. So is there anything that makes us thankful for this brutal, bitter winter we had? I know one thing! Spring! I am so thankful that Spring is finally here in Texas. The Bluebonnets, Indian Paintbrushes, Buttercups, and multiple other Texas wildflowers are in bloom, dotting the countryside with colors of red, purple, yellow, blue, and white. This also means the weather is milder and it is time for kite flying, picnics, and many other outdoor activities we have been too cold to even think about doing.



Photo by roy.luck
License Terms: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.5/



This is also the time festivals all around Texas spring up. Live music, great food, games, and all around fun for everyone. There are so many festivals around Texas, each one dedicated to something unique, that you are sure to find your perfect match. In fact, did you know we have an awesome festival right here in the heart of Hays County that celebrates and benefits your local food bank? If you didn’t know about it, I urge you to look into it. FOODSTOCK happens three times a year, and we are just about ready to kick off this year’s round of festivals. Come one, come all and help us celebrate our 30th birthday at the first FOODSTOCK of the year.

The Spring FOODSTOCK, in this season’s fashion, will take you to the Hays County Fair. Checkered tablecloths, contests, carnival games, and talented musicians will get you in the spirit. Headliner Terri Hendrix, accompanied by Lloyd Maines, starts at 5pm, but be sure to come out earlier in the day to see everything going on! Also, make sure to register early if you want to bake an award-winning pie, or just eat one really quickly, as spots are limited for pie baking and eating competitions. This is also your chance to prepare for the Can-Do Food & Fund Drive. If you bring in the most food/money (each dollar counts as a pound), then you win a beautiful wood-crafted trophy crafted by Doug Moreland. Be warned, however, Little Guys Movers is some fierce competition.


You can also register for your very own booth at FOODSTOCK. Interested in sponsoring the event, have a great business you wish to promote, want to host your very own carnival game, or would you like to sell your own art? Check out http://www.foodstocksmtx.com for more information on how you can participate.


We invite everyone to come out Saturday afternoon, April 5th to FOODSTOCK on the Courthouse Lawn in San Marcos, Texas. Great music will be waiting for you and plenty of activities, booths, and art to keep the whole family entertained. And if you feel like it, wear a party hat and help support us turning 30! It’s a huge milestone!

Thank you to everyone who supports us as we fight hunger in Hays County. Nobody should go hungry, ever.


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