National Day of Service

“Not everybody can be famous but everybody can be great, because greatness is determined by service.”  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke these words many years ago, and today we honor and remember him.  He believed every man, woman, and child had the right to freedom and justice in America, regardless of skin color, age, income, job, etc.  All people in this nation should come together to make America a better place to live.  Dr. King believed in service, and that everyone should do their part to make this country the best it can possibly be.

Photograph of Martin Luther King JR at a press conference, standing at a podium behind microphones and speaking, 1964.

The National Day of Service is a day dedicated to helping out.  No matter what you do today, at least promise that you will do at least one selfless act that makes this country a little bit better.  I have a few ideas if you’re stuck.  Most people don’t really think about helping out, which is why in 1994 the National Day of Service came about.  At least on one day, we all come together and do good things.

  • Buy a stranger a cup of coffee or a bagel
  • Pick up some litter
  • Volunteer at a local organization (Hays County Food Bank always appreciates volunteers J)
  • Tutor a child
  • Give to a charity, even if only a little

SMAJA (San Marcos Adventist Junior Academy) sorting out cans


Hill Country Freethinkers Association donated a BIG check to the Food Bank



There are many ways to brighten the world.  You just have to go out and find a way.

Hays County Food Bank loves this day!  Every year we see more smiling faces showing up to volunteer their time.  The greatest smiles we see are on children.  It’s amazing how kids will come together for a great cause.  They are always willing to help out, whether it is sorting, stacking, stocking, or shelving.  When kids get involved in helping out, they are less likely to be involved in risky behavior, and more likely to have a very promising future.  When you give you always receive, even if it is just a smile and a warm heart.  This year we have some more great groups stopping by.  I’m sure to get some great pictures again!  Check out Flickr for new photos soon.


St. Albans Youth Group last year on National Day of Service


St. Albans Youth Group sorting canned food


St. Albans shelving donated items in our warehouse

Have a wonderful Day of Service today!  Please feel free to share what great thing for the world you did today!  We would love to share your post on Facebook!


One comment

  1. Diann McCabe

    After 6 years of planning, today we dedicated a memorial to LBJ and MLK at the intersection of LBJ and MLK Drives in San Marcos. Last night we had a reception honoring LBJ and MLK and local civil rights trailblazers. The reception was attended by some 350 people who heard stories of local heroes. Many remarked that the event was a deep experience of unity and community.

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