Hays County Food Bank Wants You


The end of the year is upon us and you know what that means: New Year’s Resolutions!  Everyone always gets so excited to start the new year off right and create a better self by joining a gym, eating healthy, managing their budgets better, or maybe even giving up a vice like cigarettes or alcohol.  However, many will forget about their plans to improve themselves and go back to old ways.  Gym memberships will gather dust in wallets; pizza and burgers will take the place of fruits and vegetables; loans will be taken out; and a few beers and cigars will be handed out on Super Bowl Sunday.  It is perfectly ok; we all go through this every year.

I would, however, like to offer up an alternative resolution that doesn’t just benefit you.  Volunteer!  January 20th, is known as the National Day of Service as well as Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  He dedicated his life to serving his fellow man, and we want you to follow his example.  Hays County Food Bank is always happy to have volunteers.  They are the backbone of our whole operation.  Without volunteers we wouldn’t be able to pick up donated food, sort it, or deliver it to the food insecure of Hays County.  We love our volunteers, and everything they help us to do to fulfill our mission of feeding hungry people in Hays County.  Below is a condensed list of the type of help we need.  For more information, please visit our Volunteer page.  You can also contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Jim Wagner, at (512) 392-8300 ext. 222 or jwagner@haysfoodbank.org

Image San Marcos Adventist Junior Academy helping sort cans


Drivers-Picking up food from HEB and delivering to warehouse; driving loaded vans to distributions (Drivers must be 25+ with clean driving records; if interested please bring social security card and ID)

Warehouse-Picking up, weighing and sorting food in the warehouse, as well as helping keep the warehouse neat and tidy

Distribution-Loading/Unloading, setting up and handing out food to clients

Front Office/Client Services-Assisting office staff in normal day-to-day office duties, such as answering phones, data entry, making copies, folding brochures, etc.

Special Projects/Events-Assisting the marketing team with events that are planned throughout the year

We also have a great internship program, and we are currently looking for Spring Semester interns in all positions at the Food Bank.  For more information, please visit our Internships page.

Public Relations/Marketing Communications Intern-Assisting Marketing team with campaigns, events, and any other public relations activities

Operations/Nutrition Intern-Assisting with food gathering/distribution and helping with the nutrition education projects that come up throughout the year

Client Services/Social Work Intern-Interacting with clients and partner agencies as well as maintaining client records and databases and other administrative tasks


Former interns helping out during the launch of Fresh Quest

We hope you will join our team in 2014!  Thank you to all who have and will continue to volunteer at the Food Bank.  We greatly appreciate all your effort and we hope to see a few new faces next year as well!


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