Our Cookbook is now available for purchase!

We are pCookbook sliderleased to announce that our very own hand-crafted cook book is complete and ready to stuff stockings! This unique cookbook contains a “potpourri of recipes from the kitchens of Hays County” – That’s right, food bank volunteers, donors, neighbors, and city officials have shared their family traditions and recipes with us so that we may share them with you!

Our featured “Friends of the Food Bank” are listed at the end of the Table of Contents and displayed throughout the book. Recipes, traditions and small bio’s are revealed about these great volunteers, team members, coaches, city officials, and those who are no longer with us. Spoiler alert: Eleanor Crook, Coach Fran, Bert Cobb, Daniel Guerrero, Thrine Soto and much more!present

In addition to the shared traditions and recipes from local celebrities, The Food Bankquet contains more than 150 pages full of breakfasts, appetizers, soups, stews & gumbo’s, pastas, breads, salads, entrees, vegetables & sides, casseroles, desserts, seasonings, sauces & dressings from food bank friends. We are so thankful that the community came together to help make this book happen, and we thank you for contributing to that success.

This book is great for all ages, as there are “Tasty Tips” featuring preparation and cooking, healthy substitutions, measurement conversions, and a list of spices. These mouthwatering dishes are sentimental to the community and we wish nothing but to share them with you and your loved ones. The unique nature of the book will hopefully unite Hays County through the sharing of recipes and the cooking that will result from it!

Pay online or stop by and purchase with cash or check!, Either way, you can pick up your copy (or more!) at the Hays County Food Bank, located on 220 Herndon St. in San Marcos, TX. $20 will get you the best cookbook/gift in Hays County!!!

Much thanks to Client Services Coordinator Margaret Denson and her dedicated interns who organized The Food Bankquet.


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