Help Us Tackle Hunger

As you may know, Turkeys Tackling Hunger is our largest fundraising campaign of the year, and consequently, it makes this time of year the busiest as well!  3,063 total families, including individuals, partner agency referrals, and home-bound clients signed up to receive a “turkey box” this year, a trending increase from years before. Though we have already purchased, assembled and are currently distributing the turkey boxes to our clients this week, we need help covering our expense. 


Hays County has come together to help their neighbors in need in a tremendous outpouring of generosity again this year. Boxes, bags and barrels are overflowing with recently donated non-perishable food items.  Volunteers and food bank team members have been inspecting, sorting, shelving, loading, and distributing all the items every day for the food insecure in the area.  This particular time of the year, we get an overwhelming influx of food drive donations for the holidays that are not utilized for our Turkeys Tackling Hunger campaign. We are extremely busy trying to raise money to pay for the contents of these 3,000 boxes, and unfortunately canned goods will not help us accomplish this mission.


Because Turkeys Tackling Hunger is a fundraising campaign and not a food drive, we ask the public to donate funds in order to help us in this mission.  Why don’t we use the many non-perishable food items donated to the food bank for the turkey boxes?  We need more than 3,000 of each type of food item that is in a turkey box to provide a consistent and fair amount to all individuals in need.  Our 2,000 square foot building does not have the space to accommodate that much extra food and we do not have the number of volunteers, team members, or room necessary to assemble them at our location. This is why we partner with H-E-B to assemble the turkey boxes at their facility, and partner with the public to help us provide the necessary funding. 


We greatly appreciate everyone who has donated, whether it be food, money, or time.  We hope you will spread the word about our largest annual fundraiser and help us meet our goal to pay for the 3,063 turkey ingredients this year. Give back this holiday season and help us tackle hunger!!!



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