What would YOU do?

After several months of steadily rising temperatures, the first day of summer has officially arrived.  As your utility bills also start to climb, it would be a good time to pause and reflect.  What would YOU do if you had to choose between being able to stay cool enough to be reasonably comfortable or buy enough food for your family to be healthy and free from hunger?

This time of year we serve people who may not normally need our help but who simply don’t have enough money to pay their electric bill,  prescription medicine, and still have enough money to buy groceries.  As we approach the last week of National Hunger Awareness Month, we’d like to suggest several different ways you can support us in our efforts to end hunger in Hays County all year long, especially since hunger never takes a vacation.

    Here are a few examples of ways you can help:

  • Become a Hands On Partner Employer (HOPE) partner
  • Volunteer to be a van driver or work in the front office or warehouse
  • Become a monthly donor or volunteer
  • Attend the July 27 Foodstock Concert on the Courthouse Lawn
  • Volunteer to be dunked in the dunking booth at Foodstock (that would be really cool!)
  •  Ask your church or civic club to hold a food or FUN(d) raiser
  • Be a Community Ambassador who helps spread our message
  • Be a Turkeys Tackling Hunger sponsor  (it will be October before you know it!)
  • Help us launch our Capital Campaign to raise funds for larger facility, OR
  • Come up with your own idea of how you can support your LOCAL Food Bank!

We’d love to hear from you if you are interested or have any questions about lending a hand.   And please remember, that the Hays County Food Bank needs your ongoing support so we can continue to be here to help others, regardless of the reason or the season.  Thanks for helping us spread the word and making more people aware of what they can do to help our neighbors in need.


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