Hunger Strike Bowling Tournament Results


A total of fifteen teams filled the Sunset Bowling Lanes last Saturday for the second annual Hunger Strike Bowling Tournament. This spring fundraiser is hosted by the Hays County Food Bank and encourages lots of community involvement! Local businesses participate by donating the team fee and competing with other businesses for the winning trophies.

This year’s teams included: Broadway Bank, Butler Manufacturing, CFAN, Conley Car Wash, Ember Industries (2 teams), The Hays Free Press, H-E-B (4 teams), Horizon Bay, Little Guys Movers, Ozona National Bank and Seton Medical Center Hays. In addition to the many team members flooding the bowling alley, there were also mascots in attendance throughout the crowd. The Chick-fil-A cow danced around in a sombrero in celebration of Cinco De Mayo weekend, H-E-B Buddy took goofy pictures with the teams, and our pea, carrot and grape volunteers all helped provide team spirit!


In addition to those crowd pleasers, we had some great food donations from local businesses and restaurants. These donations made the event just as successful and rewarding for the participants as it was to us and our clients. Jimmy John’s sandwiches donated party platters, Plucker’s Wing Bar donated hundreds of wings, and pizza from Little Caesars was provided for all of the teams.


But there’s more!

Door prizes were also donated from hundreds of businesses and restaurants throughout Hays County. Every bowling participant’s name was entered into the raffle and you better believe every person left with multiple items! Some of the larger prizes included:

  • Overnight stay at the Embassy Suites with complimentary breakfast
  • Local golf range certificates
  • Dinner for two certificates to root cellar
  • Car seat and wheel covers
  • Free oil changes
  • Free haircuts from Monroe Hair Studio and others!
  • Much, much more!

There were also many, many gifts donated from businesses such as Paper Bear, Wonder World Amusement Park, Comic Relief and hundreds of dining and coffee shop gift cards!

Luckily we had someone who was able document the event and all the awesome donations and people. Kathryn Martinez, a wonderful volunteer and photographer, took pictures of the entire event and even set up a photo wall with Cinco De Mayo themed props like mustaches, sombreros, maracas, and beads! Everyone had a great time being silly with their coworkers and posing proudly in their team shirts.

So who won?! After hours of fierce competition and amusement, there were six prizes in the end: High Team Series, High Team Game, Women’s High Team Game, Men’s High Team Game, Women’s Low Team Game and Men’s Low Team Game. The High Team Series two-tier trophy was awarded to Conley Car Wash. They brought their own balls, shoes, and little bowling ball rags to shine the bowling ball with (or whatever those rags are for), and they deserved that trophy. The High Team Game trophy was awarded to the C-FAN team. They had the same situation going on, nothing but pro and had their head in the game. Good job, guys! The Women’s High Game trophy goes to Liz F. and Men’s High Game to Dan Hayes. The women’s high and low are still being figured out from the score sheet but will be announced very soon.

The Hunger Strike Bowling Tournament fundraiser will help us stock up for the summer, which is usually when the amount of donations tend to decline. Thanks to everyone who participated, volunteered, donated, and showed their support for the Hays County Food Bank! Keep an eye out for the pictures Kathryn took on our Flickr page, they will be posted soon! See you all next year

– Jesse Buchoz, Administrative Support / Media Coordinator


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