I can’t believe The 2013 Hays County CROP Hunger Walk is so soon!!

I can’t believe that the Hays County CROP Hunger Walk (CROP is actually an acronym for Community Response to Overcome Poverty) is coming up in only 8 days! It seems like just a few days ago I was looking so far into the future, waiting for this awesome event to come to pass.

For those of you who have clicked this link, and are now scratching your head wondering to yourself, “What is this girl talking about, the CROP walk?” Let me give you a quick rundown.


Basically, the CROP hunger walk is a bunch of neighbors walking together to take a stand against world hunger. More than 2,000 communities across the country tapart in this event each year.

Now if you’re wondering, “What’s the point,” that’s OK too! Hungry people in developing countries typically walk as many as six miles a day to get food, water and fuel to take their goods to market. We walk to be in solidarity with their struggle to live.

Over the past several years, CROP hunger walks have raised money on behalf of Church World Service and local food banks to help people to feed their families, both around the world and right down the street. In addition to helping people overseas, 25% of all the monies gathered will go straight to the Hays County Food Bank to help individuals and families right in our own back yards.


Last year’s CROP Hunger walk here in San Marcos! What a beautiful day!

That’s pretty cool, right? So now that we’re all caught up with what this event represents and what amazing things can happen when a community comes together for a cause that is not only important on a global scale, but also right here in our own backyards, lets talk about what we’re doing here!


Poster making. Woo Hoo!

So, with the CROP event hurtling towards us at seemingly light speed, we at the Hays County Food Bank are excitedly running around, making informative signs, lining up education stations that will be set up along the 2 mile route here in beautiful San Marcos, and finalizing all loose ends.


Yay! Our Administrative Support/Media Coordinator, Jesse, getting her face painted at last year’s CROP Hunger walk! SO much fun!

At the end of the day, The CROP Walk is a fun and family-friendly community event to raise money for Church World Service and the Hays County Food Bank. We’re asking everyone to join us, spread the word, make a donation, and together we can end hunger one step at a time.

Want to come? EXCELLENT!! We will be meeting on March 3rd at the Dunbar Recreation Center (801 MLK Drive in San Marcos). Click here to sign up online, join a team, or simply make a donation: http://goo.gl/We7PD!

We look forward to having another amazing CROP hunger walk here in Hays County!


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