Martin Luther King National Day of Service

Today is not just a typical Monday. It is National Service Day also know as Martin Luther King Day. To most kids and students, today is just a day off from school or a day to sleep in. The MLK Day of Service is meant to empower individuals, help bring communities together and help us reach Martin Luther King’s goal of coming together and serving others.

In 1983 MLK day was created as a federal day to honor and celebrate the birthday of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. A few years later in 1994, MLK day became designated as the national day of service. This day of service is associated with an organization called United We Serve, which is the President’s national call to service. He encourages Americans across the country to work together and help figure out solutions to our nation’s biggest problems.

Dr. King believed in equality, freedom and serving others. Dr. King said, “All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.”

Today Americans are encouraged to volunteer, service others and help bring their community together and make it stronger. We are hard at work at the food bank today and are working on our upcoming events such as the CROP Hunger Walk and the Empty Bowls project.
The St. Alban’s Episcopal youth group from Buda is also volunteering here today. They are here to learn about community service and what the food bank does to help others. The kids were eager celebrate this day by helping us help others.

-Katie B., intern

About Hays County Food Bank

We are passionately committed to improving lives through food assistance programs, nutrition education, and advocacy.

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