If you would be happy all your life – plant a garden!

We are so lucky here at the Hays County Food Bank to have fresh and local produce delivered from our community gardens! Okra, beans, eggplant, fresh herbs, and zucchini have filled up our warehouse this morning for distribution this afternoon.  Ever heard of purple basil? Well it showed up today and it smells absolutely amazing.  But our new favorite would have to be the nearly pound of sweet potato leaves! Talk about delicious, even raw. Not only are these leaves super tasty, but they are also super nutritious.  Commonly consumed in African and Asian countries, the bioactive properties of these leaves can improve immune function, reduce cardiovascular disease risk, and even reduce free radical damage.  Sweet potato leaves can be sauteed, baked, or just tossed in a salad.  We cannot thank Edible San Marcos enough for their contritbution to the Food Bank. 

Check out Edible San Marcos and Sustainable San Marcos on Facebook for more information!

Do your part and share your heart! Help us feed the hungry.



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  1. This summer is killing our garden, even our chickens stopped laying as much. TOO HOT!

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