Updates from the food bank

Opportunity for savings at the outlet mall by helping the food bank!

Gap outlet and Banana Republic outlets are teaming up with the food bank to help the community through the summer. These stores are offering a coupon with savings on purchases accompanied with two cans.

Currently, we are most in need of rice and beans (preferably in 1 lb bags, though we will gladly accept donations that are not), canned meats and tuna, canned fruits and macaroni & cheese.

Lend a Hand campaign kicks off 

Summertime and the livin’ is not always easy. About 72% of San Marcos CISD and 51% of Hays CISD students qualify for the free or reduced meal program. With their children out of school, already stressed families are dealing with the extra burdens of feeding their children on their summer break. The food bank is working hard to keep up with the demand from the community.

The campaign runs June 15 – July 31. Opportunities to get involved include but are not limited to donating, volunteering, following the food bank on Twitter/Facebook and making a donation on our website.

Read more here or donate now.

The food bank misses Pat Tessaro

The food bank said goodbye to its most enthusiastic and organized employees. Pat Tessaro left the food bank after 12 years and left a legacy behind her. Her passion for feeding hungry people in Hays County is still with the food bank, but her presence is greatly missed.

Although Pat is no longer in the office, she is still active in the community. Pat will continue to serve as the Secretary of the Village of San Marcos Board of Directors as a community member. Pat also volunteered to make presentations as a part of the Speakers Bureau for the food bank during the busy Thanksgiving season.

The San Marcos Daily Record also did a feature article on Pat Tessaro and her many accomplishments throughout the years at the food bank. We thank you Pat for your hard work and dedication. Good luck!


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